Steve Hagin, Instructor
Mr. Hagin   -   Fall 2002   -   Revised: 15 October 2002
  25 July 1967 

  High School:   
  Utica H.S. (Utica, Michigan) 
  Drives a:   
  1994 Mazda B-3000 pick-up 
  Favotite Foods:   
  Indian, Middle Eastern, Persian, 
  Moroccan, Polish, German, Mexican, 
  Cuban, Peruvian, and Thai cuisines. 
  Favotite Colors:   
  maize and blue 
  (University of Michigan!)

Favorite Music/Groups/Personalities:  
XTC, The Beatles, Kula Shaker, The Kinks, Martin Newell, The Move, Pink Floyd, Jellyfish, Blur, Radiohead, LiR, STP, Boo Radleys, Crowded House, ELO, Small Faces, ABBA, Santana, Bob Marley, Dread Zeppelin, Dave Brubeck, George Carlin 
Favorite Movies:  
Light Stuff: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, This is Spinal Tap, The Hudsucker Proxy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Groundhog Day 

Heavy Stuff: Amadeus, Dances with Wolves, Saving Private Ryan, A Clockwork Orange 

Words to Live By:  
karma, The Golden Rule 
My Style:  
I try to be warm and sincere, kind and honest.  
I am also discerning and practical, wired and weird. 
Hero or Role Model:  
Andy Partridge (main songwriter and guitarist for XTC).  His honest, insightful, and educated lyrics buzz about the speakers, wrapped in a marzipan package of poetry, soaked in bitter honey, and planted kindly into the comforting arms of Mother Earth.  Oh, and he rocks too!  (NOTE: I am imitating Andy's writing style here.  I'm not just being weird!) 
Hobbies and Interests:  
Music, songwriting, American politics, current issues, world religions and cultures, international affairs, Michigan football, Thrashers hockey, Braves baseball, cooking, and reading. 
Traits I Admire:  
sincerity, selflessness, and initiative 
My Proudest Moments:  
Marrying the woman of my dreams.  
Achieving a 4.0 in graduate school (West Georgia). 
My Most Embarrassing Moment:  
While playing right field in a Little League game, I lost a fly ball in the sun and it bonked me in the face. 
A Personal Goal Before Graduation:  
You mean I havenít graduated yet?  Ahhhhh!