Sample Test: Grammar
English 1101/29&30     Spring 2001     Mr. Hagin

The following sample test provides similar questions to the ones that will appear on the real grammar test.  Print the sentences below, and decide how to best revise the errors in each.  There are 13 total questions.  Unfortunately, I thought I had a few more, but they applied to different sections.  I regret that there are no questions on this page that pertain to run-ons and fragments, but these questions will appear on the test (2/16).  Good luck!

Agreement (chapter 27):
1. Each of my sons will bring their car.

2. The members of the committee made its decision in three hours.

Pronoun Reference (chapter 31):
3. They say that urban crime is decreasing.

4. In the userís guide it says that it is important to change the batteries first.

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers (chapter 32):
5. When she turned seventeen, Mrs. Jones gave her daughter a herringbone necklace.

6. Rising just above the horizon we saw a beautiful orange sun.

Consistency (chapter 33):
7. A musical scale is when you have eight notes in a sequence.

8. The beginning of the movie started with an explosion.

Clarity and Conciseness (chapter 34):
9. Once a year the neighbors organize an annual garage sale.

10. My shoes were ruined due to the fact that the waiter spilled wine on them.

Wild Card, Mix-íní-Match, Pot Luck, Lightning Round (chapters 27-34):
11. Mine is a Spanish-speaking household, we use Spanish exclusively.

12. She lives in close proximity to my parents.

13. It is true that what goes around comes around.