Final Grades
KSU   -  English 1102/H1   -   Mr. Hagin   -   Revised: 18 May 2006


Your final semester grades are posted here: ENGL 1102/H1

You will see that the solution essay, the peer review, and the final exam have been added and are highlighted in light blue.

I did not have time to complete the scoring on the ANWR articles, so everyone received a 100 on this assignment.

I still have several essays to place comments on, so they are not going to be available until later this month.

I recently had a scheduled surgery, and the recovery time prevented me from completing this task before leaving for a vacation.

Because I will still be adding evaluatory information, I may tweak the individual scores on the final essays by 2-4 points from what is currently posted, depending on how many things I may have overlooked the first time. None of these adjustments will impact the final course grades.

Thank you for all of your hard work and insights this semester!

I wish everyone well in all of your future endeavors.