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Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University, 1100 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA, 30060-2896


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“You give your best not because you need to impress people. You give your best because that’s the only way to enjoy your work!” (Andrew Matthews)




Associate Professor


Spring 2012 Schedule and Office Hours

Any use of my course materials on any other website or networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited. The materials on this website are copyrighted and any unauthorized use of any materials may violate copyright and other laws (P&P 603). Other instructors can only use the lecture notes by permission and they should not add their names to the slides.


Other Courses Taught at SPSU:



  • MET Website Manager  (and the new one)
  • SME Faculty Advisor
  • Chair of the Manufacturing Committee
  • Lead Professor for Manufacturing Processes, Tool Design and Manufacturing Processes lab I. Also MET representative for Dynamics.
  • MET Representative for UITAC Committee
  • Member of the SPSU New Website Committee
  • School of ET&M representative for SSARPG (University’s Advising Committee)
  • Member of the New Biomedical Engineering Technology Program Committee
  • Member of The MET Masters program committee
  • Member of MET Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Member of MET Design and Mechanics Committee
  • Member of Engineering Design Graphics Committee
  • Member of Student Success Expo Committee
  • Member of MET Mentoring Committee
  • Member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of NanoResearch Inc.
  • Engineer Mentor for Future City Competition (
  • Judging for Georgia BEST Robotic Competition


Research Experience:

Rheology & Viscoelasticity, Polymer Processing (Experimental Analysis and Constitutive Modeling), Biomechanical Engineering & Soft Tissue Rheology, CFD / Computational Mechanics (using Finite Element Method, Boundary Element Method, and Completed Double Layer Boundary Element Method), and Micromachinery.

Previous Research Projects Conducted

Slide Shows: Will be added soon

Micromachinery          Optical Fiber          Constitutive Modeling


Sydney University Courses:

Constitutive Modeling and Viscoelasticity (PhD level), Advanced Engineering Materials, Aeronautical Engineering Computing (using Matlab), Dynamics, Statics, Computer Programming (Matlab), Engineering Vibrations, and Dynamics lab.

SOL (Statics On Line) (A multimedia software tool)


For advising:

  • Check this page and review all the sections (For transfer equivalency, contact Ms Marilyn Shortridge (,
  • For registration problems (Banner errors, etc), contact Ms Vickie Deakins,
  • For class overrides, contact the professors offering the courses,
  • For questions on all MET/ENGR classes and the courses which were not transferred, email me and I will advise you via email. Meeting is also possible during office hours.
  • Please do not leave any messages on my phone as I am not able to return your call.
















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