EDG 1211

Covered Subjects


1.      Freehand Lettering

a.     Single Stroke Gothic

b.     Vertical & Inclined

2.      Scales

a.     Architect’s

b.     Engineer’s

c.     Metric

3.      Freehand Technical Sketching

a.     Multiview Orthographic Projection

                                                               i.      Freehand Sketching Techniques

1.      Construction Lines

2.      Measuring

3.      Standard View Layout (Front, Top, Right Side)

4.      Alphabet of Lines (Visible, Hidden, & Center)

                                                             ii.      Planar Surface Construction & Layout

1.      Normal, Inclined, Oblique

                                                            iii.      Holes – Layout & Construction

1.      Through, Blind (Drilled), Counterbore, Countersink

                                                          iv.      Cylinders

b.     Isometric Drawing

                                                               i.      View Layout

                                                             ii.      Angled Surfaces

                                                            iii.      Arcs, Circles, & Holes

c.     Oblique Drawing

                                                               i.      View Layout

                                                             ii.      Cavalier & Cabinet Drawings

4.      SolidWorks

a.     Basic Model Building

                                                               i.      Design Intent

                                                             ii.      Sketches

1.      Best Practices

a.     Single Profile vs. Multi-profile

b.     Relations

c.     Fully Defined

d.     Dimension Driven

2.      Sketch Entities

a.     Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Center Line, Point

b.     Ellipse, Polygon

c.     Convert, Trim, & Split Entities

d.     Smart Dimension

e.     Construction Entities (i.e. center lines, arcs, & circles)

f.        Mirror Sketch, Linear & Circular Sketch Patterns, and Offset Entities

                                                            iii.      Commands

1.      Extrude Boss/Base

2.      Revolved Boss/Base

3.      Extrude Cut

4.      Fillet/Round & Chamfer

5.      Hole Wizard

6.      Rib

7.      Shell

8.      Mirror Features, Linear & Circular Patterns of Features

9.      Reference Geometry

a.     Plane & Axis

                                                          iv.      Part Material

1.      Editing material

2.      Adding Appearances to the Part for Visualition

                                                           v.      Fixing SolidWorks Problems

1.      Editing Sketches

2.      Editing Sketch Planes

3.      Editing Features

4.      Using the “What’s Wrong” feature

5.      Moving Features

a.     Parent Child Relationships

6.      Using the Roll Back Bar

b.     SolidWorks Drawings

                                                               i.      Create Drawing from Part

1.      Selecting Sheet Size

                                                             ii.      Inserting Views

                                                            iii.      Tangent Edges

                                                          iv.      Hidden Lines Visible (Shown)

                                                           v.      Sheet Scale vs. View Scale

1.      Sheet Properties

                                                          vi.      Center  Marks & Center Lines

                                                        vii.      Drawing Properties

1.      Inserting Title Block Information through File Properties

                                                       viii.      Fillets, Rounds, & Runouts (Show Edge)

                                                           ix.      Printing Drawings

1.      Scale

2.      Paper Size

3.      Line Thicknesses

4.      Pay For Print

5.      Geometric Constructions

a.     Using SolidWorks to solve Geometric Construction Problems

                                                               i.      Sketch Tools

1.      Polygon, Ellipse

2.      Convert, Trim, & Split Entities

3.      Sketch Fillet

4.      Locating Centers of Arcs

6.      Sectional Views

a.     Basic Rules

                                                               i.      Types & Definitions

                                                             ii.      Visualizing

                                                            iii.      Cutting Plane & Section (Hatch) Lines

b.     Creating Full Sectional Views – Sketch

c.     Creating Sectional Views in SolidWorks

                                                               i.      Changing Hatch/Area Fill to Std. Hatching

7.      Dimensioning

a.     Technique & Placement

                                                               i.      Dimension Lines

                                                             ii.      Extension Lines

                                                            iii.      Arrowheads

                                                          iv.      Leaders

                                                           v.      Text

b.     Rules

                                                               i.      Clarity

                                                             ii.      Contour Dimensioning

                                                            iii.      Avoid Dimensioning to Hidden Features

                                                          iv.      Try to Place Dimensions Between Views

                                                           v.      Try to Place Notes, Leaders, and Angular Dimensions out From Between Views

c.     Dimensioning in SolidWorks

                                                               i.      Insert Model Items

                                                             ii.      Manipulating Dimensions

                                                            iii.      Moving Dimensions

                                                          iv.      Driven vs. Driving Dimensions

                                                           v.      Notes & Leaders

1.      Justification

2.      Leader Location

                                                          vi.      General Notes (Note Command)

1.      Adding Symbols

2.      Linking to Properties

a.     Adding “Material” Property to Part File

b.     Linking Material Property from Part to Drawing

8.      Auxiliary Views

a.     Creating Oblique Surfaces and Cuts in SolidWorks

                                                               i.      Reference Geometry

1.      Reference Planes

2.      Axis

b.     Creating Primary Auxiliary Views in SolidWorks

                                                               i.      Drawing a Sketch Line Within the View to Project from

                                                             ii.      Unfolding Auxiliary View from Source View