Statics- ENGR 2214, Spring 08, Dr. Nasseri,                                     Homework Assignment 1


Problems will be graded only if they are written neatly.

No late homework! There will be no extension for the due date.

Show all working (no grade will be given if you write just the final answer for a problem).


1- A foreign manufacturer lists the fuel consumption for a new automobile as 15 kilometers per liter (km/L). Determine the fuel consumption in miles per gallon.




2- The value of G (universal gravitational constant) used for engineering computation in the US system of units is G= 3.439 (10-8) ft3/(slug.s2). Use the conversion factors to determine a value of G with units of m3/(kg.s2) suitable for computation in the SI system of units.




3 & 4- Solve problems, 2-2 and 2-3 of Hibbler’s book.




5- Solve problem 2-1 of Hibbeler’s book.


·         Find all the unknown angles in the figure.

·         Find the resultant of F2 and F3 and also the angle this resultant (say R1) makes with the horizontal line.

·         Find the angle between R1 and F1.

·         Find the resultant of R1 and F1.


Remember that you can use any of parallelogram or triangle laws that we discussed in class.


Alternatively, you can find the resultant of F1 and F2 and name it R1 and then find the resultant of R1 and F3. This is a good way to check the answer you found using the steps mentioned above.