Dr. Sarah M. North
Computer Science Department Faculty
IEEE Computer Society :: ISSA :: Bitcoin :: NAMIC :: RAS :: WIT Campus
CS Student Organizations Faculty Adviser
ICPC Programming Competition - Site Director

Office Location: Chastain Pointe - Suite 206
1200 Chastain Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Voice: 470-578-7774


Courses - Spring 2021  
CS 3410  - Database Systems     
CS 4720 - Internet Programming

E-Research Book ; Google Scholar

ALG - Affordable Learning Georgia Scholar
CS 3410 Introduction to Database Systems
CS 4712 User Interfce Engierring - Updated

FLC - Faculty Learning Communities Scholar
FLC - USG Chancellor's Scholar - Updated

Office Hours

Onlineinfinite D2L
Other hours by appoinment only


Dr. Sarah M. North is a faculty member of Computer Science Department at Kennesaw State University. Dr. North has been teaching, conducting research, and providing community service in Computing for over two decades at higher education institutions.  Dr. North’s graduate work is in Computer Science with a concentration in programming Languages, educational technology & leadership and administration with concentration in information cyber technology education. Dr. North has been successfully involved in the research in the areas of information security education, human-computer interaction and cognitive science. Additionally, Dr. North has several book chapters; and a number of technical referred scholarly articles nationally and internationally.  She also served as principal/co-principal investigator on a number of research grants sponsored by the Boeing Company, National Science Foundation, and National Security Agency.