Here's your 2014 free ball passing video. Woot!

Print these free ball questions and bring them back completed to practice.

Free Ball Passing Video
Watch the video, watch everybody, then watch yourself when you answer the questions. Bring this sheet back to practice with you.

10 Yes/No Question after you watch the first time:

_____ Did you walk onto the court?
_____ Did you look like you were ready to play?
_____ Did you start in ready position?
_____ Did you call the ball?
_____ Were your elbows bent when your arms went together?
_____ Did you bump the ball with minimal arm movement?
_____ Did you lunge for the ball rather than move to the ball?
_____ Were both feet on the ground?
_____ Did you run to be the next target?
_____ Did you learn anything about you passing technique?

This is what I recommend for free ball passing:
1. Keep your platform high, nearly parallel to the ground.
2. Follow through to target, moving slightly forward.
3. Do not swing your arms; use your legs to assist a small bump.
4. See the ball make contact with your arms.

Questions for your second viewing:

_____ Was your platform high?
_____ Were your feet side by side?
_____ Were you moving toward the target?
_____ Did you swing your arms too much?
_____ Did you watch the ball hit your arms?

Team Goals:
1. to improve upon the time it takes us to complete 30 successful
2. to have zero passing errors on a free ball in a game.
3. to have zero passing errors on a free ball in a match.

Pick two things about your free ball passing and make them goals for yourself.



Now, it is up to you to practice free ball passing with your two goals in mind.