Dr. Thomas H. Keene

Professor Emeritus of History

Kennesaw State University

Office: Kennesaw Hall 3455

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Spring 2014


The History of Science

Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:45

English Building 168



Part 1:  Expectations and Grading Policies

Part 2: A Schedule of Assignments and Obligations (revised 2014-03-19)



Course Handouts

Pre-Socratics to Plato

Aristotle to the Impetus School  

The Renaissance Magus

Copernicus to Newton – Class Outline

Urbanization Tables

Science and Society in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Biology to Darwin and Wallace

Chemistry from Essences to Quantities

Larson and the Scopes Trial

20th Century Physics

20th Century Revolution in Worldview

The Kuhn Thesis on Scientific Revolutions

Big History and the Evolution of the Cosmos (per Smolin)



Study Guides  

§  Study Guide for Aristotle Test  

§  Study Guide for the Mid-Term (Spring 2014 version)

§  Darwin Test Notes

§  Study Guide to the Final ( Spring 2014 version)





Study Abroad – Italy – Montepulciano


·        Summer Study in Italy


·         Intensive Italian – Fall 2014 / 2013 PPT


·         General KSU Study Abroad Site (then search for programs in Italy)


·        Education Abroad Office – Towne Point Building, Suite 1700

Campus Map -   Bldg 3391 – (same building & floor as Admissions Office)




Some Conference Papers and Lectures









Asia Maps

India Religion&Caste


Italy - Coldplay video

Italy study abroad PPT


Fortezza Fund Flyer

Fortezza Fund Pledge Card

Italy Fortezza PPT  

Italy Orientation PPT

Italy 2012

Lecture: Darwin in 19th Cent U.S.

Blowdown List

Walk-thru 2012 - S8

Walkthru 2013

Walk-thru 2014