History of Science


Extra Credit Papers




Generally an extra credit project would paper of four to five pages (1000-1500 words) based on three to five sources, at least two of which must be published sources, i.e., not from websites but from published journals, magazines or books.


Approved topics:

You must propose a topic (or maybe propose several possibilities) and I must approve it in advance and in writing (usually by email).  You must include a printout of your proposal and my approval as the second page (immediately after the title page) of the finished paper you submit.  Topics should be related to material covered in, or themes stressed in our course.  You could choose, for example, to focus on an individual, or and idea that interests you.



You paper should include an annotated bibliography.  In the annotations briefly indicate the nature of the source and how you used it for your paper.  Be sure to include complete URL’s and access dates for websites.


Submitting your paper:

Unless we agree otherwise extra credit papers are due the last regular class day.  Submit both a hard copy and a digital copy by an email attachment consisting of a single Word file.   You paper should include the following, in the indicated order:

1. Title Page (Title, Name, Course, Date, and Word-count of text only)

2. Your proposal and my approval

3. Text of the paper

4. Annotated bibliography