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Pre-history and Ancient

Ch.1 First Peoples: To 10,000 BCE

Ch.2 First Farmers: Agricultrural Rev. 10,000 3,000

Ch.3 First Civs: 3500-500


Classical Era 500BCE-500CE

Ch.4 Eurasian Empires 500-500

Ch.5 Eurasian Cultural Traditions, 500-500

Ch.6 Eurasian Social Heirarchies 500-500

Ch.7 Classical Era Variations Africa and the Americas


Age of Accelerating Connections, 500-1500

Ch.8 Commerce and Culture, 500-1500

Ch.9 China and the World, 500-1300

Ch.10 European Christendom, 500-1300

Ch.11 Worlds of Islam 600-1500

Ch.12 Mongol Moment, 1200-1500

Ch.13 Worlds of the 15th Century (ChengHe)


The Early Modern World, 1450-1750

Ch.14 Empires and Encounters - Ottoman, Mughal, Ming

Ch.15 Global Commerce, 1450-1750

Ch.16 Religion and Science, 1450-1750


The European Moment, 1750-1914

Ch.17 Atlantic Revs. 1750-1914

Ch.18 Industrial Revs. 1750-1914

Ch.19 China, Ottomans and Japan, 1800-1914 (semi-colonials)

Ch.20 Colonial Encounters, 1750-1914


The Recent Century, 1914-2008

Ch.21 Europe: Collapse and Recovery, 1914-1970s

Ch.22 Communism: Rise and Fall, 1917-Present

Ch.23 The Global South, 1914-present

Ch.24 Accelerating Global Interaction, since 1945