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Welcome to my Web site!

I am a Professor of Mathematics Education and an assistant chair of the Department of Mathematics at Kennesaw State University.  I started at KSU in the summer of 2006.  Prior to coming to KSU, I taught 4 years at the Pennsylvania State University and 10 years at Towson University in Towson, Maryland.

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Classes I Teach

MATH 2008: Foundations of Numbers and Operations

MATH 3316: Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning for Elementary Teachers

MATH 3317: Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teachers

MATH 3318: Algebra for Elementary Teachers


Workshops and Presentation Notes

Here are some of the papers I have published.  Because of the copyright issue, some papers cannot be posted here.  Please e-mail me if you want a copy of those papers.

Here are the notes from various workshops and presentations I have conducted.  They appear in the reverse chronological order (the newest on first).  You will need Acrobat Reader, or something similar, to view these pages.


Japanese Mathematics Education

  • English translation of Japanese National Assessment from 2012 and 2013 can be found here.  These assessments are given to students in Grades 6 and 9, the final year of elementary and lower secondary grades, respectively.  Grade 9 is the last year of the compulsory education in Japan. Problems in Set A focus on procedural fluency while problems in Set B focus more on problem solving/applications.



         This is an unofficial translation of the Elementary and Lower Secondary School Mathematics Course of Study released in March 2008.

These are unofficial translations of Teaching Guides, elaboration documents the Ministry of Education publishes to explain/elaborate the Course of Study.


Grade 4 Tasks

I had the privilege of serving on a committee that prepared Grades 3-5 Mathematics Framework for the State Department of Education.  Here are the tasks I developed while I was on the committee.  I was assigned to the Grade 4 group, and I was to write tasks on multiplication, division, and measurement.  Some of these tasks may be included in the final version of the units at the GA standards web while others may not be.  Nevertheless, I think these are all appropriate tasks for Grade 4 students who fully meet the GPS for Grade 4.




Making Rectangles

Multiplication "Tables"


Are These All 214 x 32?

Mysterious Multiplication 1

Mysterious Multiplication 2

Mysterious Multiplication 3

It's All In Our Mind

Sharing Base-10 Blocks

Doing and Recording

And the Question Is...

Is This Long Division, Too?

What Is Wrong?

What is 2500 300?

Why Are All of These 24 3?

Scavenger Hunt

Make a Pound

Turn, Turn,Turn

Angle Ruler

Angles of Set Squares

Measure This!

World of 90 Degrees

Summer 2009 Marietta City Schools - KSU MSP

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