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Dr. Van Horne teaches the following anthropology courses at KSU. Click on the course title to view and download the syllabus(pdf) for the course.

ANTH 2105 Perspectives in Anthropology
ANTH 2201 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 3300 Anthropological Theory
ANTH 3307 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3310 Cultural Diversity in the United States
ANTH 3315 The Southeastern Indians
ANTH 3350 Cultures and Societies of the World
ANTH 4490 Environmental Anthropology
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Faculty Biography

Dr. Van Horne is an ethnologist with specializations in ecological and environmental anthropology and ethnohistory. He is also Faculty Advisor for the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society at Kennesaw State University.

His research areas and publications have spanned the following topics:

Ethnology and Ethnohistory: Comparative research concerning the role of warfare in the evolution of societies:

  • The role of warfare in the social evolution of the American Indian cultures of the Southeastern United States
  • The role of religious-military orders in the social evolution of feudal societies into modern states
  • The anthropology of martial arts
Ecological and Environmental Anthropology: Research concerning the impact of humans on their local environment and subsequent conservation and policy issues:
  • Ecological and botanical conservation issues in Cherokee County, Georgia

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                                            "Three candles that illuminate any darkness: Knowledge, Nature, Truth."
                                                     From The Triads of Ireland, Translated by Kuno Meyer.