Xuepeng Liu

Contact Information:

Professor of Economics, Dept. of Economics & Finance,

Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University, GA
Office Phone: (470)578-6605; Email: xliu6@kennesaw.edu


Curriculum Vita

                                                           [Research Papers]

 Global Value Chain (GVC):

"Services Development and Comparative Advantage of Manufacturing." (with Aaditya Mattoo, the World Bank; Zhi Wang, UIBE; and Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University), forthcoming in Journal of Development Economics.

Tax Evasion in International Trade:

  "Tax Avoidance through Re-imports: The Case of Redundant Trade." Journal of Development Economics 104: 152-164, 2013. [Research Question: Why does China import more from itself than from the U.S.?]

  "Evasion Behaviors of Exporters and Importers: Evidence From the U.S.-China Trade Data Discrepancy." [Working Paper Version] (with Michael Ferrantino and Zhi Wang, the U.S. International Trade Commission) Journal of International Economics 86(1): 141-157, 2012. [Research Question: Why are China reported exports to the U.S. much smaller than the corresponding U.S. reported imports from China?]

 "Tax Evasion through Trade Intermediation: Evidence from Chinese Exporters" (with Huimin Shi, Renmin University of China; and Michael Ferrantino, The World Bank) Forthcoming in Int. Review of Economics & Finance [Research Question: How do firms evade taxes through trade intermediaries?]

"Anti-Dumping Duty Circumvention through Trade Re-Routing: Evidence from Chinese Exporters" (with Huimin Shi,     Renmin University of China). World Economy 42(5): 1427-66. [Also available at SSRN & VoxEU]

Foreign Direct Investment:

  "The Location Decisions of Foreign Investors in China: Untangling the Effect of Wages Using a Control Function Approach." (with Mary Lovely and Jan Ondrich, Syracuse University). Review of Economics & Statistics 92(1): 160-166, 2010.

  "Does Final Market Demand Elasticity Influence the Location of Export Processing? Evidence from Multinational Decisions in China" (with Mary Lovely and Jan Ondrich, Syracuse University). World Economy 36(5): 509-536, 2013.


Trade Agreements:

  "Free Trade Agreements and the Consolidation of Democracy." (with Emanuel Ornelas, London School of Economics). [Also Available at: VoxEU & WTO Forum]. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 6(2): 29-70, April 2014. Online Appendix

  "GATT/WTO Promotes Trade Strongly: Sample Selection and Model Specification." Review of International Economics 17(3), 428-446, 2009. [Main finding: WTO not only promotes trade among existing partners at the intensive margin, but also creates new trading relationships at the extensive margin.]  * Dataset, covering 217 countries, 1948-2003

The Impacts of the GATT/WTO on Trade: Formal Members versus Non-member Participants.” In Benjamin Zissimos (Eds.), The World Trade Organization and Economic Development. 2019. MIT Press, Massachusetts, MA.

"Trade Agreements and Economic Growth" Southern Economic Journal 82(4): 1374-1401, April 2016.

   "Testing Conflicting Political Economy Theories: Full-fledged versus Partial-scope Regional Trade Agreements," Southern Economic Journal 77(1): 78-103, 2010. [Also Available at: WTO Forum]

   "The Political Economy of Free Trade Agreements: An Empirical Investigation." Journal of Economic Integration 23(2): 237-271, 2008.

"Evaluating the Trade Impact of Information Technology Agreement." In Christopher Findlay (Eds.), 'Light the lamp': Papers on World Trade and Investment In Memory of Bijit Bora. World Scientific. 2010. Singapore. (with Bijit Bora, WTO)

  "The Information Technology Agreement: Sui Generis or Model Stepping Stone?" (with Catherine L. Mann, Brandeis University). In Richard Baldwin and Patrick Low (Eds.), Multilateralizing Regionalism. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

  "A Political-economic Analysis of Free-trade Agreements: Comment." [PDF] American Economic Review Comment, Sept. 2007 [Online].


Trade & Development:

  "Trade Agreements and Economic Growth." Southern Economic Journal 82(4): 1374-1401, April 2016.

  "Trade and Income Convergence: Sorting out the Causality." Journal of International Trade & Economic Development 18(1):169-195, 2009.


                                                        [Non-technical Writings]

"Market vs. Government in Managing the Chinese Economy." China Currents 13(2), 2014.

"Market vs. Government in Managing the Chinese Economy: Domestic and International Challenges Under Xi Jinping." China Currents 18(1), 2019.