LIU, Xuepeng (Paul)  


Contact Information:

Associate Professor of Economics, Dept. of Economics & Finance,

Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University, GA
Office Phone: (770) 423-6605; Email:


Curriculum Vita

Research Papers:

"Trade Agreements and Economic Growth."

"Modern Service Development as a Source of Comparative Advantage for Manufacturing Exports" (with Aaditya Mattoo, the World Bank; Zhi Wang, U.S. International Trade Commission; and Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University)

"WTO and Trade Volatility: A Spatial Analysis" (with Abdur R. Chowdhury, Marquette University; Miao Wang, Marquette University; M.C. Sunny Wong, University of San Francisco)

"Tax Evasion through Trade Intermediation: Evidence from Chinese Exporters" (with Huimin Shi, Renmin University of China; and Michael Ferrantino, The World Bank)

"Free Trade Agreements and the Consolidation of Democracy." (with Emanuel Ornelas, London School of Economics). [Also Available at: VoxEU & WTO Forum]. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming. Online Appendix

"Tax Avoidance through Re-imports: The Case of Redundant Trade." Journal of Development Economics 104: 152-164, 2013.

"Does Final Market Demand Elasticity Influence the Location of Export Processing? Evidence from Multinational Decisions in China" (with Mary Lovely and Jan Ondrich, Syracuse University). World Economy 36(5): 509-536, 2013.

"Evasion Behaviors of Exporters and Importers: Evidence From the U.S.-China Trade Data Discrepancy." [Working Paper Version] (with Michael Ferrantino and Zhi Wang, the U.S. International Trade Commission) Journal of International Economics 86(1): 141-157, 2012.

"The Location Decisions of Foreign Investors in China: Untangling the Effect of Wages Using a Control Function Approach." (with Mary Lovely and Jan Ondrich, Syracuse University). Review of Economics & Statistics 92(1): 160-166, 2010.

"Testing Conflicting Political Economy Theories: Full-fledged versus Partial-scope Regional Trade Agreements," Southern Economic Journal 77(1): 78-103, 2010. [Also Available at: WTO Forum]

"GATT/WTO Promotes Trade Strongly: Sample Selection and Model Specification." Review of International Economics 17(3), 428-446, 2009  [Dataset, covering 217 countries, 1948-2003]

"Trade and Income Convergence: Sorting out the Causality." Journal of International Trade & Economic Development 18(1):169-195, 2009.

"The Information Technology Agreement: Sui Generis or Model Stepping Stone?" (with Catherine L. Mann, Brandeis University). In Richard Baldwin and Patrick Low (Eds.), Multilateralizing Regionalism. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

"The Political Economy of Free Trade Agreements: An Empirical Investigation." Journal of Economic Integration 23(2): 237-271, 2008.

"A Political-economic Analysis of Free-trade Agreements: Comment." [PDF] American Economic Review Comment, Sept. 2007 [Online].