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Please Enable JavaScript

You must use a JavaScript-enabled browser in order to make the e-mail address an active link.

This is because spammers (senders of bulk e-mail) have begun using computer programs to "harvest" e-mail addresses from Web pages like this one. I am using a technique that requires JavaScript to reduce the possibility of unwanted mechanical harvesting.

I want to be available for individual communications by e-mail, but I don't want a flood of junk e-mail.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser, then use the "Back" button and click the e-mail link again, or just type the address into your e-mail program. (Cut-and-paste won't work because the address is actually an image; that's to frustrate spammers, too.)

How do I enable JavaScript?


(If you think this is a pretty neat idea and you'd like to try it yourself, I've written some directions. You can find them here:

Last updated: 2017-08-18 18:41